The Cambridge SupTech Lab leverages the expertise of its team in business strategy, product innovation, financial modeling, digital transformation, sustainability and data analytics to undertake diagnostic, analytical and advisory activities that support design and implementation of SupTech solutions, strategies, and roadmaps.

From Mexico to the Philippines, from the Central Bank of Nigeria to the New York State Department of Financial Services, our team has executed countless high-impact projects to accelerate innovation within financial authorities. Outputs include analytical reports, proofs of concept for upgraded data architectures and SupTech solutions, hands-on strategic and product-life-cycle advice, knowledge-sharing workshops and tailored training programs.


Beyond traditional technical assistance, our intention is also to develop digital tools to accelerate diagnostic and analytical work carried out directly by our partners. We believe that with the right tools and frameworks, financial authorities and development agencies can become more effective in analysing financial sectors, evaluating challenges and needs related to digital transformation and effective supervision, and scoping fit solutions. This will:

  • Reduce dependency on international experts
  • Increase peer-collaboration and allow benchmarking between different business units in the same agency, different agencies in the same country, and agencies across jurisdictions

Building on work initiated by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance and the RegTech for Regulators Accelerator and through original research, we are developing a digital toolkit that includes:

SupTech Diagnostic toolkit

Self-assessment tool for financial authorities to map their use cases, applications, underlying processes, data sources and data needs, and current and desired tech stack

Market Intelligence tools

Tools to better understand the fintech sector


Machine readable regulatory benchmarking tool