Innovation Leaders

Innovation Leaders

Dear Supervisor

We invite you on a journey to shape the future of financial supervision. Let’s leave behind us backlogs, manual validation, data that are siloed and incomplete. Together we will develop new solutions to make financial authorities thrive in an increasingly complex digital world, making financial supervision smart and agile.

You will use modern technologies to craft applications that automate lengthy manual processes, distill into intelligence the ocean of data that financial consumers and institutions generate, and bring to the surface new insights so you can make informed and timely decisions. You will team up with peer supervisors, regulators, data scientists, and technologists across agencies and jurisdictions to become the Cambridge SupTech Lab Innovation Leaders.

Through a world-class online innovation leadership programme, you will access ground-breaking research and executive education, collaboratively develop new analytical frameworks, and familiarize with innovative digital tools for market intelligence. You will engage with top technology vendors, researchers, entrepreneurs, expert product managers, designers, coders, business analysts and strategists. You will be part of a community of Innovation Leaders who, like you, are passionate about transforming financial supervision and catalyzing resilient, sustainable, and innovative financial sectors. Together we will build cutting-edge, globally scalable, production-level suptech applications to transform financial supervision.

The Cambridge Sup Tech Lab Innovation Leaders are supervisors, regulators, economists, data scientists, and technologists committed to accelerating the digital transformation of their financial authorities, to furthering innovation in financial sector supervision, and to catalyzing resilient, sustainable, and innovative financial sectors

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The Journey of The Cambridge Suptech Lab Innovation Leaders


    The Innovation Leadership Programme fellows join the Cambridge Regulatory Knowledge Exchange (RKE), an online community of more than 1,300 financial supervisors, regulators and policymakers

  2. Capacity building

    The Cambridge Innovation Leaders access targeted training on tech, consumer protection, fintech, and suptech, and a set of digital tools with data on their markets and regulations, global benchmarks, intelligence and tested suptech applications. They co-develop maps of their use cases, data, and tech-stacks using the new digital diagnostic tool

  3. capstone projects

    Leveraging the learnings from the capacity-building activities, research, and the digital toolkit, the Innovation Leaders develop capstone projects in the form of roadmaps or proofs of concept (POCs) deployable by their agencies

  4. global competitions and implementations

    The Lab runs competitions (e.g. techsprints, grant challenges) to crowdsource ideas that complement the Capstones and identify vendors for the implementation of the solutions. Several solutions receive sponsorship for prototyping and deployment